Brittany VanRuymbeke is a wedding photographer and film maker based in Chatham-Kent. Check out this recent Hessenland Inn Wedding Film from Joel & Eleena’s beautiful day.


One of the biggest questions couples tend to ask themselves when planning a wedding is whether they should hire a videographer. Don’t get me wrong, I get it – budgeting for both a photographer and videographer can be two big bills to swallow. But after years in this business and working with numerous couples documenting their wedding day I can promise it is not an expense you will regret.

5 Reasons to Hire a Wedding Videographer

1| Watching a wedding film is an entirely different sensory experience

Wedding photographs are always going to be timeless and important, but re-watching your wedding day with the benefit of sounds, music and movement is a whole different experience. Not only are you visually experiencing it, but the sounds and voices paired with timely music allows you to be transported back to the day

2| You can easily share it with those who couldn’t be there

The number of times I have heard that a grandparent or long distance friend isn’t able to attend is countless, but having a wedding film allows those important people to experience the day as well. Just like I mentioned above, allowing them to be immersed in the sights and sounds of the day gives you all a great view of the day.

3| Photographs don’t do justice to speeches or vows

Of course you can photograph reactions to speeches and vows, but having that audio recorded is such a wonderful piece of nostalgia. I wish I had a recording of the speeches at our own wedding. It is one of the few times where people come out of their shell and share some pretty awesome feelings (and hilarious stories!) so being able to go back to that is a real treasure.

4| You’ll get to see moments you missed

There is a lot that goes on during your wedding day that you might miss. Having a wedding film allows you to see how much fun your guests were having, or how nervous your groom was before the ceremony! Knowing you have a wedding videographer can give you the ability to focus your attention on you and your new spouse for the day and you can watch the details together later!

5| You get to relive the day over and over again

Potentially the most important point. Just like with photographs, with a wedding film you will get the opportunity to relive your day for years to come. Wedding films can easily become some cherished family heirlooms! I mean, imagine being able to play your wedding film at your 25th anniversary? 50th? AMAZING!

Eleena and Joel planned an amazing wedding day at Hessenland Inn in Bayfield Ontario. Eleena is an incredibly talented florist and she knocked it out of the park. It was the most beautiful day on the lake (I only got a wee bit sun burnt!) with lots of sun and so many laughs.

A few months after their wedding I received the very sad news that Kenneth, Joel’s cousin who officiated the wedding, had been killed in a hiking accident. The moment I heard the news my heart broke. I got to chat with him quite a bit at the wedding and I remember thinking how positive and self aware he was. Kenneth talked easily about his love for his work and weddings and I left our conversation with a smile. He really seemed like the kind of friend who makes you a better person. Our meeting was quick, but I am thankful for it. I reached out to Eleena to offer my condolences and mentioned all of this. Her initial response was of gratitude for his presence and his voice in their wedding film. I pray that this will provide their family with comfort and be a reminder of his charisma and love of life.

I encourage you to watch Eleena & Joel’s wedding film. I guarantee you will see the tremendous value in hiring a videographer for your own wedding. Contact me today if you have any questions or are on the fence about hiring a videographer.

Should I hire a Wedding Videographer? | Hessenland Inn Wedding Film

Brittany VanRuymbeke Photos + Films | Muskoka Wedding Photographer


Caitlin and I have been close friends since our days at Laurier. We have had so many wonderful memories together, so when her and Steve asked me to photograph their wedding day I was beyond excited. They decided to have a wedding weekend, which was unbelievably cool. They rented out Camp Muskoka for all of their family and friends, which created this really amazing backdrop for a weekend of hiking, canoeing, campfires and dancing. Not only did they get to spend their wedding day with their closest friends and family, but they also got to eat meals with them, hang out and see them for the entire weekend! It was by far the coolest wedding experience I have documented!

Cait and Steve are now expecting their first baby this winter and I am so happy for them. This wedding weekend was more than they could have ever asked for, and I hope these images do it justice! As a gift to my friend I created a small wedding film for them combining some photography and film clips of their big day. Scroll to the bottom for a glimpse! Thank you so much Caitlin and Steve for this awesome experience!

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If you are looking for a Muskoka Wedding Photographer you know I will be back there IN A MINUTE! Contact me today!

Muskoka Wedding Photographer | Caitlin & Steve’s Camp Muskoka Wedding

When Jessalyn and Paul completed my pre-wedding questionnaire I asked them to describe themselves, each other, and their wedding day. The words that came up multiple times were fun and laughter. As a guest who was able to observe their wedding day first hand, I can tell you that these elements were infused in every aspect of their day. As Jess got ready, here friends and family surrounded her with funny memories, dance music and lots of laughs. The groomsmen were teasing each other constantly (as groomsmen do), and Paul’s parents house was full of the echoing sounds of their deep laughs.

Jess told me her number one goal for their wedding day was to be together and have fun. As you watch the story of Jess and Paul’s wedding day, you can see how much pure excitement, joy and love there is, and how it all manifested into a day bubbling with laughter.


Thank you Jessalyn & Paul for allowing me to tell a small portion of your story. The day was fun, relaxed and full of so much laughter – I hope it was everything you dreamed of.



Brittany VanRuymbeke is a photographer and film maker who creates Ontario Wedding Films. If you are engaged and looking for wedding photography or videography, please contact me today.

Ontario Wedding Films | Jessalyn & Paul’s Wedding Story

Two years ago I was so caught up in the fast pace of life with a new baby and a toddler, I was grasping at every possible moment I could and begging time to slow down (who am I kidding – I am still living this life!). I had known a few photographer friends who had taken a course in filmmaking and every time I saw one of their films I  cried. I cried all the tears. Happy tears, nostalgic tears, tears of total understanding. I signed up as soon as I could.

The movement and sounds of films evoke so many more emotions than photography. You can hear little voices, see mannerisms, and experience a real moment in time. One of my favourite parts of photography and filmmaking is being able to tell a story. I love being able to include various environmental clips and sounds that really allow you to get invested in the moment. Especially for the family, it creates a well-rounded experience that brings them back to a specific place and time. We will never be able to relive these days, so being able to capture little pieces of them and deliver them to a family is a gift I will never stop being grateful for.

Since taking a course in family film making I have branched out a little into creating wedding films, but I have also tried to stay consistent in my own personal film making (…you should see the files of unedited footage on my computer). My boys love when we get to watch them all on our Vimeo channel. Last year I ran a contest on my Facebook page and Lindsey won a family film. It was such a fun afternoon spent hanging out with this little family, and I know that years from now this film will bring back so many memories for all of them. I know this will be meaningful for Lindsey and Nick, but I also hope that one day Lincoln looks back on this film and can see how loved he is.


I would love to create more family films for clients, and if you are interested at all in documenting a special (or ordinary!) day in your life, please get in touch! I can’t say it enough: these films are a priceless gift.


Brittany VanRuymbeke is an Ontario Family Filmmaker based in Chatham-Kent. She specializes in emotive and fun family photography, films and weddings.

Ontario Family Filmmaker | Bucci Family Film

Today I am sharing something so special with you all. Mila is the daughter of some of our closest friends, and she has become such a light for so many of us. She was born with Cornelia de Lange Syndrome, but she is best known for her goofy grin and her ability to break down any barrier in her way. Ariel asked me to make a short film of their family focusing on Mila and her bubbly personality to be featured on Yoocan, an organization that brings empowerment and connections to families with children who have disabilities. It is an incredible organization, and Ariel wrote an amazing article about Mila and all that she has accomplished. You can read her beautiful words here . I was absolutely honoured to create this fun film for them and it puts such a smile on my face to watch it. Mila brings so much joy to everyone she meets, and she has definitely earned her nick name Mighty Mila.

Ontario Family Films, Mighty Mila, Family Film

I bet you’re smiling now!

If you are interested in booking your own family film, contact me today! I would love to document the beautiful moments in your every day.

Mighty Mila | Ontario Family Films

I am so excited to share this amazing couple with you all. When Krista and Mike asked me to document their wedding day and create a wedding film, I was SO nervous, but also so excited. I’ve known Krista since high school, and I knew this wedding was going to be beautiful. This was an opportunity I couldn’t pass up, no matter how nervous I was.

In the months leading up I made sure I covered all of my bases. I contacted some other local talent for some direction and equipment (Thanks Ben!!), I reached out to many online friends to learn some new tricks, I studied everything I had learned in my film course last summer and I watched endless wedding films online for inspiration.

As it turns out, studying and practicing can only get you so far. On Krista and Mike’s big day, they had a few unexpected hurdles to overcome. These problems could have been met with stress, anger or even tears, but instead they were met with grace and prayers.

Once of my favourite things about weddings is hearing two people, so in love, dedicate themselves to each other. On this day they are filled with such joy and hope for each other, wanting nothing but the best for their partner and their future. I always come home feeling rejuvenated, and reminded of how important my marriage is, and how important it is for me to continually dedicate myself to my husband and our relationship. Krista and Mike’s wedding was no exception. I was in tears on more than one occasion, and had a big fat smile plastered on my face for the rest of it. I left the estate feeling so full, and blessed to have witnessed their day.

Thank you so much Krista and Mike. For pushing me outside of my comfort zone, for inviting me to take part in your beautiful wedding, and also for reminding me of some of my own vows.

Check out Krista and Mike’s stunning wedding at Sydenham Ridge Estates


If you or someone you know is getting married and interested in a wedding film, please contact me at I would LOVE to document your love story, too.


XO, B.

Meet the DeVries | Chatham-Kent Wedding Films

Family films have become so special to me in a such a short amount of time. I love being able to see facial expressions and hear little voices, things that a photograph just can’t grasp. I am so happy I have found this craft and I know it will bring me so much joy in years to come.

Here is my second family film from the month of October. My original intent was to do “Our Month in a Minute”, but cutting down to only 30 2 second clips was way too hard!! There was just too much goodness in there (including Archer’s 3rd birthday – how do I have a THREE YEAR OLD?!). And Gryffin is growing so fast, learning new skills every day that some of these clips already seem ancient. Slow down, life!

Without any further ado, here it is. Let me know what you think in the comments!




Fall Family Film | Chatham-Kent Family Films

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