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Today I am sharing something so special with you all. Mila is the daughter of some of our closest friends, and she has become such a light for so many of us. She was born with Cornelia de Lange Syndrome, but she is best known for her goofy grin and her ability to break down any barrier in her way. Ariel asked me to make a short film of their family focusing on Mila and her bubbly personality to be featured on Yoocan, an organization that brings empowerment and connections to families with children who have disabilities. It is an incredible organization, and Ariel wrote an amazing article about Mila and all that she has accomplished. You can read her beautiful words here . I was absolutely honoured to create this fun film for them and it puts such a smile on my face to watch it. Mila brings so much joy to everyone she meets, and she has definitely earned her nick name Mighty Mila.

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I bet you’re smiling now!

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