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Brittany VanRuymbeke is a wedding photographer and film maker based in Chatham-Kent. Check out this recent Hessenland Inn Wedding Film from Joel & Eleena’s beautiful day.


One of the biggest questions couples tend to ask themselves when planning a wedding is whether they should hire a videographer. Don’t get me wrong, I get it – budgeting for both a photographer and videographer can be two big bills to swallow. But after years in this business and working with numerous couples documenting their wedding day I can promise it is not an expense you will regret.

5 Reasons to Hire a Wedding Videographer

1| Watching a wedding film is an entirely different sensory experience

Wedding photographs are always going to be timeless and important, but re-watching your wedding day with the benefit of sounds, music and movement is a whole different experience. Not only are you visually experiencing it, but the sounds and voices paired with timely music allows you to be transported back to the day

2| You can easily share it with those who couldn’t be there

The number of times I have heard that a grandparent or long distance friend isn’t able to attend is countless, but having a wedding film allows those important people to experience the day as well. Just like I mentioned above, allowing them to be immersed in the sights and sounds of the day gives you all a great view of the day.

3| Photographs don’t do justice to speeches or vows

Of course you can photograph reactions to speeches and vows, but having that audio recorded is such a wonderful piece of nostalgia. I wish I had a recording of the speeches at our own wedding. It is one of the few times where people come out of their shell and share some pretty awesome feelings (and hilarious stories!) so being able to go back to that is a real treasure.

4| You’ll get to see moments you missed

There is a lot that goes on during your wedding day that you might miss. Having a wedding film allows you to see how much fun your guests were having, or how nervous your groom was before the ceremony! Knowing you have a wedding videographer can give you the ability to focus your attention on you and your new spouse for the day and you can watch the details together later!

5| You get to relive the day over and over again

Potentially the most important point. Just like with photographs, with a wedding film you will get the opportunity to relive your day for years to come. Wedding films can easily become some cherished family heirlooms! I mean, imagine being able to play your wedding film at your 25th anniversary? 50th? AMAZING!

Eleena and Joel planned an amazing wedding day at Hessenland Inn in Bayfield Ontario. Eleena is an incredibly talented florist and she knocked it out of the park. It was the most beautiful day on the lake (I only got a wee bit sun burnt!) with lots of sun and so many laughs.

A few months after their wedding I received the very sad news that Kenneth, Joel’s cousin who officiated the wedding, had been killed in a hiking accident. The moment I heard the news my heart broke. I got to chat with him quite a bit at the wedding and I remember thinking how positive and self aware he was. Kenneth talked easily about his love for his work and weddings and I left our conversation with a smile. He really seemed like the kind of friend who makes you a better person. Our meeting was quick, but I am thankful for it. I reached out to Eleena to offer my condolences and mentioned all of this. Her initial response was of gratitude for his presence and his voice in their wedding film. I pray that this will provide their family with comfort and be a reminder of his charisma and love of life.

I encourage you to watch Eleena & Joel’s wedding film. I guarantee you will see the tremendous value in hiring a videographer for your own wedding. Contact me today if you have any questions or are on the fence about hiring a videographer.

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