An instant download e-book for Moms who want to learn how to better document their daily lives, while learning to see the joy in their every day and embrace the chaos


Life at Home


Life At Home is an introductory photography course geared toward grateful Moms.

You know who you are - you would rather ignore the dishes to get on the floor to play. Car ride chats and goofy shampoo hair are your favourite moments of the day, but you can't quite seem to capture the moment the way you want to.

You value photos of your family and proudly display them on your fridge amongst the school crafts. 

I can help you take more creative and intentional images of your family that you can be proud to share for generations to come.

Like so many others, I felt compelled to document every moment of my growing family. I wanted to hold on to those fleeting moments for as long as possible.

What I didn't anticipate was how much photography would teach me to slow down and embrace the chaos. There were times when my boys were little and the messes would start to pile up, I would feel the overwhelm take over. But by grabbing my camera in those moments I have learned that they are often the most impactful memories I have made with my kids.

What happened when I started to slow down in those moments was I  noticed how much joy they brought me. By picking up my camera to document it, I started to see more of that joy throughout the day. 

Do you want to:
  • Take more meaningful images of your family
  • Get in more photos with your kids
  • Find more gratitude in your every day
  • Dust off that DSLR you bought a few years ago

Life At Home is a 60+ page e-book with detailed instruction on how to find the best light in both your indoor and outdoor environments, how to incorporate creative compositions into your daily photos and how to tell the story of YOUR FAMILY.

Life at Home

No DSLR Necessary! Most of the content can be applied to your phone camera so you can start today!

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Life at Home

LIFE AT HOME is an instant digital download you can keep wherever is easiest for you. 
The content includes:
  • How to find the best light in your home and navigate it while documenting your children
  • How to work with outdoor light at all different times of day
  • How to maximize your phone camera
  • How to improve your your storytelling images to accurately document the moment
  • How to get in more photos with your kids
  • So much more!

Includes a gratitude journal printable, and 52 weeks of photography prompts to get your creative juices flowing!