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How cool is it to get a bonus day! It doesn’t come often, so Archer and I are spending it a special way: by documenting it completely. I have been toying with the idea of doing a “Day In The Life” project for a while, and I knew I wanted to do one with Archer before the next little guy arrives, and today was the perfect day! So stay tuned for that blog post in a few weeks!

As for the seventh week of the year, it was spent like many others. But between all of the mundane moments, we all have a story to tell and memories to share.

Archer received some sport shorts from Meme for the spring, and immediately thought they were hockey pants and there was no telling him otherwise! He was so excited to wear them after we washed them, and that excitement did not wear off for a number of days. With it being winter, shorts are not really a viable clothing option (despite Archer’s insistence that “they are hockey PANTS mummy!”) so on they went over his pants.

Week 7-2

And there they remained for a few days.

Week 7-3

We love when Daddy is home on Fridays to hang out with us for one extra day. In the midst of trying to finish up a few projects around the house, Archer had a project for Daddy too. Thomas and his friends run out of batteries weekly because someone likes to drive them into the wall and let them run there for the night.

Week 7-4Week 7-5Week 7-6Week 7-7

Thank you Daddy!

Week 7-8

Oh, and James too Daddy.

Week 7-11Week 7-10Week 7-9

Week 7-12

Back in business.

Week 7-13

And just in case you thought we might have gone a week without some skating pictures…

Week 7-15

Week 7-16

I have to laugh at these pictures. Archer, being a two year old, sometimes just wants to go sit on the ice and watch all of the big kids skate. Eric, being a man, does not quite understand how this is fun or, more importantly, productive. He thinks he is teaching Archer all of these big lessons on hard work and trying his best, and while I stand back and watch I see a completely different story. Archer is slowly teaching his Daddy some lessons on patience and letting go, on having fun and how to not take things so seriously. Sometimes time “wasted” is the time best spent.Week 7-17

Week 7-18

(That being said, these pictures looks like a much more serious moment than they actually were. And it must be a little frustrating to carry a 35lb child around the ice while bent over. My seat is pretty cushy from the sidelines)

I hope you are spending your “extra” day doing something special.


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