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Do you think this kid will ever tire of playing hockey? Most days we get home from work and daycare and have a few moments of sunlight left to play in before I have to start making dinner. Thankfully, the sun has been hanging around a little bit longer each day, but these first 15 minutes home from work are some of my favourite. Archer runs in and sets up his net, grabs his stick and helmet, and hunts down the hockey puck (usually stolen by Wilfrid) for a quick game.

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Slowly but surely he is getting the hang of the potty. Although we are not in any rush or pushing Archer in any way, he has made some great progress in the last month with the potty, usually making it through most days with only a couple of wet diapers. As soon as he sits on the potty and starts to pee he says ” I wash my hands and get a jelly bean!”. While having a particularly good day (a poop on the potty!), and for the sake of some fun pictures, I let him have a jelly bean free-for-all on the counter.

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watch out for those cinnamon ones!


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With another little guy on the way I am now more aware of how much Archer has grown and developed. Especially within the last year, his skills and personality have really started to shine. He is such a smart little boy, and he is at the age where he remembers everything and says the funniest things, often repeating things we said days or even weeks before. Although he likes to play with friends and have constant company, he has such an independent mind. He does not want help building or creating, yet he wants you to be right beside him as he figures it out on his own.

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I am proud to say that he is so much like his dad. He is always on the go, he is a hard worker, and he is happiest when surrounded by friends. These two boys have taught me a lot about life and love, and even more about myself. I have said it before and I know I will say it again, but I am one lucky girl. And in about 2 months my luck is going to increase again.

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Don’t worry bud, I’m always right here.


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