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The way Gryffin watches his big brother so intently is amazing to me. Already he is learning so much from Archer, and the times that Archer plays intentionally with him fills me up. He is so good to his little brother. When he cries, he says “It’s ok Bubby, I know, I know”. I realize┬áthis will not always be the case. Archer told Eric yesterday that he couldn’t wait for Gryffin to get “big big tall like me” so they could fight (what?). When Eric asked him why he wanted to fight with Gryffin, he replied “Because we will be big and strong brothers”. Greeeaaaaaaaaat.

In the meantime, I will enjoy the nice stacking of cups and looks of awe. And someone please remind me that I will miss the mess. I repeat, I will miss this mess one day.

Chatham-Kent Lifestyle PhotograperChatham-Kent Lifestyle PhotograperChatham-Kent Lifestyle PhotograperChatham-Kent Lifestyle Photograper

In other news, Archer started skating lessons this year, sans parental involvement. He is doing great. On his first night he took a few small steps on his own, but mostly just stood amidst the chaos yelling that he had to pee, while no one could hear him. Or maybe the adolescent volunteers just weren’t sure what to do with that information…


He has designated this young lady as his favourite, and now follows her around the ice until she is able to give him one-on-one attention.

Maybe I should start doing blog posts of hilarious things Archer says. Cheers to toddler hilarity.


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