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One of the biggest positives of my brother moving home is having the ability to have his kids over for a day to play. I was more than happy to watch them while my brother and sister-in-law were busy for the day, and Archer was obviously beyond excited. All of the cousins get along so well. Although our house was a bit louder than normal, it was actually a very relaxed day for me because they all just played together while Gryff and I supervised.

This is one of my favourite pictures from the summer. Nothing artistically special, but the reason I love photography. These kids will see this picture one day and have a good laugh at their outfits, their haircuts, and their funny faces.


And just a day later we hung out with them again and hit up our favourite park with Grandma and Papa for a little picnic lunch. 3 little monkeys.

sarnia-lifestyle-photographer-3Sarnia Lifestyle PhotographerSarnia Lifestyle PhotographerSarnia Lifestyle Photographer

For a little end of summer fun, Meme and Pepe took us to African Lion Safari for the day. We drove up a day early to make the drive a little easier on the kids, and of course staying in a hotel is super exciting for a 2 year old. Gryffin, not so much.


Archer loved the bus ride through the park, seeing all of the animals and running from window to window.


We got to see the elephants go for their swim at lunch time…


Archer and Dad had a nice little ride on Jenny…


And we ended the day on the massive splash pad, where Archer concurred his first water slide. He loved it so much he went back for more about 5 times.


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