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So, how is everyone feeling about this “meh” winter we are having?

Week 3-3

Yeah, me too Arch. All we want to do is go play in the snow (or the “no”, as Archer calls it – THE CUTEST), but there is just mud and rain. It either needs to snow, or be spring already!

Week 3 was a busy one, but aren’t they all? Sunday we had a family nap after skating, and finished the night off with a little birthday party for Meme. Archer was more than happy to help open cards and gifts.


Week 3-1Week 3-2

Bath time is always such a great time to bust out my camera, especially when it has been a few days since I’ve picked it up. It’s one of the spots in our house that I don’t need to think about my settings, just turn my camera on and shoot away.

Week 3-5Week 3-4

Our house was hit pretty hard with the flu last week, so I didn’t pick up my camera between Monday¬†and Friday. But don’t worry, I made up for it on the weekend!

Any of you other parents remember the days of bathroom privacy? Nah, me either.Week 3-6Week 3-7Week 3-8Daddy, what you doin’ in der?

Week 3-9

Our weekend started with a Costco trip…

Week 3-10

Was full of couch cuddles and toe tickles…Week 3-11Week 3-12Week 3-13Week 3-14Week 3-15

Some playing outside…

Week 3-16Week 3-17Week 3-18

And finished with even more couch cuddles.

Week 3-19Week 3-20Week 3-21Week 3-22

Not the most productive week, but so (SO) full.

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