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Week 15 ended up being our last week as a family of 3. Archer and I had a great week together at home. The weather was beautiful and he helped me finish up all of the work we had to do before his baby brother arrived. Although this was a mere two weeks ago, it seems like a lifetime. Everyone says once your second is born, it doesn’t take long for you to feel like they have been here forever, and they are so right.

Even though I can’t imagine life without the new little man, I am so glad I documented this week with Archer. He really is an awesome kid, and he is already shaping up to be a great big brother. I hope you all enjoy this last week of pure Archer spam, because week 16 has a fresh face for you.


I took Archer with me for our last big shop at the grocery store to make sure we had all the essentials stocked for a while, and he was a perfect little helper and stayed in the cart the whole time (unheard of), but as we were checking out I let him down to walk out with me and he fell and got a bloody nose. The poor guy was behaving so well and then that happened! The clerk was so nice to help us out and give him some stickers (and paper towel), and all was well once we got a sprinkle donut.

Week 15-1

Archer doesn’t feel the need to nap anymore, so he has started passing out everywhere and I freaking love it! It is so funny to see him sleeping in the most awkward places. I left the room to grab my water and came back to this scene…

Week 15-2Week 15-3Week 15-4

The rest of our week was filled with:

Making salt dough dinosaurs…

Week 15-5Week 15-6

Playing hockey (what else is new?)…

Week 15-10Week 15-11

Playing outside with Wilfrid

Week 15-13Week 15-14Week 15-15Week 15-16

Week 15-17

Getting dirty (and pooping his pants) at the park… The one time I don’t bring his bag, of course. A few trips down the slide and a few swings before I realized made for a niiiiiiice mess to clean up.

Week 15-19

Again, passing out anywhere.

Week 15-20

Some park time and ice cream with friends

Week 15-21Week 15-22Week 15-25

Checking out all the signs of Spring in the yard

Week 15-26

Busting out the “ear muffins”

Week 15-27

And of course, playing at Grandma and Papa’s on Sunday afternoon.

Week 15-28Week 15-29

In other¬†news, my niece is the most gorgeous little girl I have ever encountered, and this floppy hat +¬†sunglasses + sundress ensemble made me sort of hope the baby came out a girl. I mean, look at this girl! Thankfully my brother and sister-in-law are happy to be overloaded with pictures of her. As for the other boys… Who? What?

Week 15-30Week 15-31Week 15-32Week 15-33Week 15-34

Maybe #3 will be a girl? Kidding, I think.

Happy Monday!


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