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Archer plays with Play Doh at daycare all the time but I have been hesitant to bring it out at home. I have issues with messes sometimes, and when colours get combined and squished together a little piece of me dies inside. But, gotta live life on the edge sometimes. It has become an afternoon favourite while I prep dinner, sometimes I participate. As you can see, my snake-making skills are still intact.


See ya Play Doh, Dad’s home.


Just before Easter we had a little rain and all Archer wanted to do was jump in muddy puddles. Of course we did not have proper muddy puddle attire ready, so we put in a request to the Easter Bunny for some rain gear. With or without proper waterproof footwear, Archer was jumping in those muddy puddles, and even though there was only one jumpable muddy puddle in the drive way, he jumped it dry.


Truck shopping with Dad, of course Archer had to test drive each car in the show room. Multiple times. Although in his defence, this truck shopping thing was quite the process and he was probably bored of talking about it (oh, maybe that was me…)


Archer is quickly growing out of his naps… He has gone from needing a 2 hour afternoon nap or he might kill somebody, to not going to bed until 10pm if he sleeps a blink. Great timing, right? Don’t worry pal, we aren’t about to have another baby or anything…. When I do have to wake him up from a nap he usually goes from happy to grumpy in about 30 seconds and then tries to avoid all contact. These will likely be our last set of nap time pictures, aside from the couch cat-naps. Stop growing up please.


and this is where things take a turn…


And FINALLY, after years of living on both ends of the country, my big brother and his beautiful family made their way home. Our first Sunday dinner with all 4 of us siblings and our kids was perfect. And since I am about to add another boy to this growing family, be prepared to see lots of pictures of Neely, because little girls are awesome, especially this one. See ya around, boys.


Hope you’re having a great week!



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