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Welcome back to the new and improved blog! After my blogging kind of fell to the wayside last year, I decided to try to pick it up again this year and incorporate it into my brand-spanking-new website! Thank you all who followed along for the first half of our year last year, I was truly humbled by all of the sweet comments I got on both the writing and the images. I have never viewed myself as a good, or even mediocre, writer, so to get compliments on that really made my day!

After successfully completing my 365 in 2015 (fist pump!) I decided to take on a new challenge this year: A project 52 of our year, including some journalling to go along with the images. Similar to what the blog was last year I guess, but with less time behind the camera and editing I am hoping to spend more time writing. I don’t have the greatest memory at times (I don’t remember what Archer’s first word was… I might be the worst mother ever…), so I am trying to write more down with the hope that I can look back on it later and remember. I do plan on writing a blog post with some of my favourites from 2015 for anyone interested in the last 30 weeks of the year (ha!)

So without further ado, I give you Week 1.

That’s right. A measly 4 images to share! After taking approximately 10,000 pictures of Archer last year (not even exaggerating, probably underestimating), I took a solid 3 day break from my camera starting December 31st at noon, and man did it feel good. When I brought it skating with us on January 3rd I felt refreshed and creative.



Archer loves skating, and even though he can’t quite do it yet on his own he is always asking to go (probably more for the timbits that always follow a visit to the area, but don’t tell Eric that). This was his 5th or 6th time out on the ice, and the time before this he finally took a few strides on his own without Eric holding him or the guide (!!), so we thought this time would be just as good or better. We were wrong. On his way out of the change room Archer caught a glimpse of a goalie who was getting ready for her game right after free skate.


A little fact about Archer is that he is obsessed with goalies. To the point that he stands in the net at home and asks Eric to fire pucks at him for hours. And calls himself Goldberg. So you might have thought that seeing a goalie would be a bit of a treat for him, but it ended up being a major distraction, and he spent the next 30 minutes kneeling on the ice looking for the goalie and asking where the goalie was.


I’m not sure who was more frustrated at this point: Archer, who could not for the life of him find that damn goalie; or Eric, who stood there trying to get Archer to stand up.


Now, let’s all hope for my wallet’s sake that this goalie obsession is just a phase.




  1. Krista says:

    Speaking from my personal experience (thanks Ethan) kids are born to be goalies. E was the same way at Arch’s age. Have fun.

  2. Rosa says:

    I love your blogs! Congrats on the website:)

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