Chatham-Kent Documentary Photography

Two x Fifty-two | Self Portrait | Chatham-Kent Documentary Photography

I have to admit that I struggled a lot with this week. I don’t mind doing self portraits, but I was completely lacking creativity. I feel like I can only┬ádo them when I am in the mood. But, after multiple failed and boring attempts, I had to choose one.

Chatham-Kent Documentary Photography

Meh. Not my best week I guess. Hopefully when the next self portrait comes around I will have something a little more creative to share. In the meantime, check out Ali’s post to see her SELF PORTRAIT.


And, just for fun, some outtakes:

Chatham-Kent Documentary Photography

Chatham-Kent Documentary PhotographyChatham-Kent Documentary Photography

Archer loves when we take pictures. I had to bribe him to give up the remote today and hide it so he won’t go looking for it… The apple doesn’t fall far from the tree I guess.


xo, B.

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