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Thanks for coming to check out our first Two x Fifty-two Blog Circle! There is some amazing talent in this group, from all over the world. Please click through the circle to see some serious eye candy!

Because Ali and I started 2 weeks later than the rest of the group, we only have 2 images to choose from for our first blog circle. But as soon as I saw her first week image I knew it was going to be a favourite. Some photographers shoot for the light, but Ali shoots for the shadows, and it gives such depth to her images. I love this shot of the vines out the windows with the light coming through, and the texture from the glass gives it all an element of mystery. Plus those tiny little sunbursts? Perfection! This is the stuff I always see, but can never capture quite right.

Family Lifestyle Photographer

Click through to Claudia’s post to see her partner’s work, and from there you can head over to Ali to see which of my images she liked best!

Happy Canada Day weekend to all of you in Canadaland! 🙂

  1. Ali says:

    You know I just had a light bulb moment reading your comments Bee, I do shoot for the shadows. I have known that for a while of course because I am always looking for the light as well as the shadows, but I only just REALISED it right now reading your words (does that even make sense!)

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