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Two x Fifty-two | Backlight | Ontario Lifestyle Photographer

Here we are at week 6 already! I am really enjoying this project so far. Ali and I were chatting last week about how we like that we are accountable to each other so we can’t quit! It forces me to get creative on days that I am really not feeling it. And although it has not yet brought out anything amazing on my part yet, I think it might. Either way, it is always fun to meet new people around the world!

This weeks theme was BACKLIGHT, which again, is very broad. But today we bought some new unders for Arch to try this potty training thing (again), and I saw them hanging on the line in the sunset, and I couldn’t resist. So, here it is!

Ontario Lifestyle Photographer

Kinda fun, colourful, and definitely an image that will make me laugh in 20 years.

Click here to see Ali’s rendition of BACKLIGHT.


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