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Summer was so good to us this year. We got a little dirty, hit up a few parks, fit in some camping trips, grew a massive garden, ate a few ice cream cones, made some new friends and took a few couch naps (but not nearly enough). I hate being 2 months behind on these posts, but reliving the memories is good for the soul. And I love seeing two beautifully different personalities shine out of these images.


Exhibit A: One child perfectly content following the rules and playing at the table; the other, doing things a little differently.

Why is it that they look so much smaller when they sleep? Grasping at these moments whenever I can…

“Archer, give him a lick… No! Of your ice cream!!”

Witnessing these unicorn moments makes my heart so full.

Exhibit B: No description necessary.

Buying myself some time before the bed time shit show, I mean routine.

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