Chatham-Kent Family Photographer

Chatham-Kent Family Photographer | Week 20 | Project 52

Life with these boys is going to be an adventure. Archer is at an age where he remembers everything and is literally absorbing his environment. I am trying my best, with Gryffin in tow, to keep him occupied and learning every day whether it be at home our out. When Archer was a baby I walked with him everyday, but once he started to walk and run, he didn’t want to be confined to the stroller any more. Now with Gryffin (and my post partum bod) I am trying to get out walking more. We love this little trail through Dresden where Archer can run free for a few minutes, and I can still walk with Gryffin in the stroller or carrier (maybe even throw in a few lunges or squats… maybe not though).

Chatham-Kent Family PhotographerChatham-Kent Family PhotographerChatham-Kent Family Photographer

This trail also offers me a creative outlet. I have recently joined a few new photography circles that are inspiring me to play with light differently. When we walked into the trail and I saw all of the dappled light, I was so glad I brought my camera along.

Chatham-Kent Family PhotographerChatham-Kent Family Photographer

These creative challenges also have me seeing our house a little differently. I love finding new ways to play in the same environment. This is a little moodier than I usually shoot, but when we noticed the orange lights on our way up the stairs, it was worth delaying bed time for.

Chatham-Kent Family PhotographerChatham-Kent Family Photographer

And just to finish the week off, a nice moment with all of the VanRuymbeke boys.

Chatham-Kent Family Photographer

I hope you’re having a great week!

xo, B.

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