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Why book a branding session?

There are many benefits to having a series of images that accurately reflect your brand and your passion at your fingertips.

Why book a branding session

1. Branding Sessions save you time

Having a gallery of preset images saved on your phone or computer makes content creation much quicker. If you have to produce cohesive images each time you want to create a new post on social, you will be wasting valuable time. And let’s be real – your time is valuable!

Instead, plan ahead with some content ideas and book a branding session with your gal . Spending an hour or two each year with your photographer to create a full gallery of images will allow you quick access for whatever content you need to create.

Why book a branding session
Why book a branding session

2. Branding Sessions create cohesive content

Now that we agree having access to your photo gallery saves you time, we can also agree that using those images can help you create cohesive content.

We all know the value in a visually pleasing Instagram grid, but having your grid match your website and any other materials is important because it creates trust in your brand. Potential clients see consistency, and consistency creates trust. Trust in your brand leads to bookings.

Why book a branding session
Why book a branding session
Why book a branding session
Why book a branding session
Why book a branding session

3. Reflecting on your brand helps you stay connected to your passion

In preparation for your branding session, you may want to ask yourself a number of questions, like:

  • What is my why?
  • What three words describe my brand?
  • What sort of message am I sending to my followers?
  • How do I want clients to feel after booking with me?

Reflecting on these types of questions in preparation for your branding session allows you to realign with your passion, and acknowledge any growth in your business. A branding session is only one avenue, but using this opportunity to set intentions for your business is always beneficial.

Why book a branding session

Why book a branding session with me?

I am happy to offer branding sessions to all types of small businesses. Not only do I provide head shots of you, but also product styling, shots of your business location and even you as you’re working!

If you’re not sure where to start, reach out today or I cannot recommend Lunar & Co. enough when it comes to planning a branding session. Shelby and I worked together on Daniela‘s featured branding session in Hamilton, and seeing the growth in her business after has been so fulfilling.

Side note:If you are looking for a passionate and knowledgable realtor in Hamilton – Daniela is your gal!

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