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Archer started the week off right with a 6 am wake up call, followed by a countertop breakfast. He is actually the only human on the planet I can bare to talk to before coffee.

Week 4-1Week 4-2

I think until my Mat leave starts again, this is going to end up reflecting more of our weekend life than our every day. Working all day and coming home to a setting sun while trying to prepare a healthy dinner with nearly empty cupboards and no produce does not exactly make for ideal photography, at least not taken by me. I really wanted this 52 to reflect more of our daily life, but that just doesn’t seem realistic for the next few months. But as with anything in parenthood/life, I must be flexible and do what I can. In a few months there will be a whole new bundle of reasons for me to not find the time, so for now I will just hang on to what we have.

Another important thing about capturing our life is to remember that I was there too. I’m hoping to make a few more appearances in front of the camera this year. And although I feel the opposite of photogenic these days, this is a really special time for Archer and I, and I know I will be so happy to look back on these. Even that little terrible-two’s grump face on the boy who just wants to press the button and look at the back of the camera (proof that he does not care about how I look in pictures, as long as they are of us).

Week 4-3Week 4-4

Fridays are our days home, usually just the 2 of us and I am trying to do new things with him as he is getting more independent. I love when he is eager to help me out in the kitchen (it’s a nice break from playing hockey), although I may have bribed him with blue food colouring and rainbow sprinkle cupcakes.

Week 4-5Week 4-6Week 4-11Week 4-12

… you’ve got some icing there

Week 4-13

… oh and there

Week 4-7… “you want some Mummy?”

Week 4-10Week 4-8

and of course the washing up is just as much fun as the baking…

Week 4-15Week 4-16

but not quite as fun as eating the finished product 😉

Weekends are also for visiting friends. Archer had been asking for play dates with his girlfriends Mila & Alycia for a few weeks, so we made a pizza and cupcake date, as well as enjoying some fun with Stewie, and Colton. I think Stew was enjoying the role-reversal.

Week 4-14

And finally, Stompin’ Tom Connors on repeat in our house. I am quite ashamed to say that at two he already knows how to operate YouTube #parentingfail. Today we only watched it 22 times… how I wish that were a lie.

Week 4-9

Cheers to bribing our children to make memories and flooding their brains with Canadian hockey propaganda!



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