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It is both a blessing and a curse to have family stationed all over Canada. We don’t get to see them often, but when we do we always make it count. Week 31 was sandwiched between two great family gatherings with some faces we don’t see nearly enough.

My aunt and uncle celebrated their 40th (!!) wedding anniversary at their cottage on Lake St. Clair, and it was the perfect setting for our huge family, complete with a small beach and lawn games. Archer had a blast hanging out and getting to know a bunch of new cousins, while Gryffin was happily passed around between all of the cousins, moms, aunts and grandmas.

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Mid week Archer got creative and built an epic train track under the dining room table (all by himself might I add), but not before neglecting the colouring book and drawing only on himself while I nursed Gryffin. At least it wasn’t the walls, right?

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A few evenings a week we head back to the garden after dinner to see what is going on out there. Our garden was cut in half this year because we decided to put up a play set for the boys, so there isn’t a lot to pick most nights, but this year we planted snow peas and they are so fun for Archer to find and pick on his own – and eat right off the vine. I love doing this together, and I hope it creates a healthy relationship with food for our boys (and myself, too!).

Week 31-10Week 31-11

Can you tell we are potty training? You’re probably thinking “Does that kid ever wear pants?”… No. The answer is no.

Our week finished with a birthday party for Gage and Neely with a few more little people than a normal Sunday, making it extra special. Plus, a shark cake and a dino cake to top it all off.

Week 31-12Week 31-13Week 31-15

Funny faces!

Week 31-16

Ages: 7, 6, 5, (almost) 4, 3, and 2! So much fun!

Week 31-17Week 31-18Week 31-19

We are so blessed to have such a big family. I remember spending almost every weekend with my cousins as a kid, and I want our boys to see the value in family, both near and far.

And even though I doubt he is reading this, I just want to shout out a Happy Anniversary to my #1. He makes every day awesome, and I am lucky to have this life with him.



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