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Our first week of my parental leave was both amazing and eye-opening. Being home with a busy toddler who is out of his routine is hard, especially at 36 weeks pregnant. We had so much fun for the week, just the two of us, but we had our fair share of melt downs too (both of us). I had a few panicked moments of “how am I going to do this with a newborn baby?”, and a few sappy moments of “am I going to be able to spend this quality time with him with a newborn?”. I know we will adjust and adapt, I’m sure with a few more meltdowns (from both of us), but I am trying my best to practice grace, and not worry so much about perfection.

We hit up the Children’s Museum in London, spent a few days at home in our jim-jams, did some crafts and baking, played with friends at the park, educated ourselves on dinosaurs at the library, and Archer had his very first dentist appointment. Archer was also beyond excited when Daddy came home with his new truck,¬†and he has been telling everyone – “My daddy got a new truck. It’s white. It’s a diesel”. So, if you’re looking for specs, he’s your guy.

Week 14-1Week 14-2

London Children’s Museum – highly recommend it!

Week 14-3Week 14-4Week 14-6Week 14-7

Jim-jam day.

Week 14-9Week 14-11Week 14-12

Archer’s first dentist appointment – he did great!

Week 14-13

These trouble makers. Archer and Zach have their own file of images on my computer, with which I am planning a few things for when they are teenagers.

Week 14-14Week 14-15

Another jim-jam day at home.

Week 14-17

We hope you’re having a great week! And I hope by the time this goes live, I have another little boy in my arms.



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