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With the birth of our child impending (any minute now would be nice), I have decided to do a few weeks worth of posts with little explanation, which I am sure you are all so upset about. Hopefully this way I can stay on top of posting and not get too far behind once he does decide to arrive!

Week 12 was overloaded with Easter activities (read: SO. MUCH. CHOCOLATE.) and family fun. Check it out below!

Laundry helper.Week 12-1Week 12-2Week 12-3

Big brother helper.

Week 12-4Week 12-5

Dinner helper.

Week 12-6Week 12-7Week 12-9Week 12-8

Breakfast helper.

Week 12-10Week 12-11

Easter fun.

Week 12-13Week 12-15

Egg decorators.

Week 12-17Week 12-18Week 12-19Week 12-20

Week 12-21Week 12-22Week 12-23Week 12-24

Expert egg hunter.

Week 12-25Week 12-26Week 12-27

Week 12-29Week 12-30Week 12-32Week 12-34

Sunday funday.

Week 12-38Week 12-39Week 12-40Week 12-42Week 12-44Week 12-45

Send all the baby dust my way, please.




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