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The number one question I get asked when my clients book their session is “What do we wear?”. Luckily for you, I have lots of experience shooting families and I have a few easy tips for you! Scroll through to help you figure out what to wear to your upcoming family session.

Start with a neutral colour palette and build it up.

The base of your outfits should always begin with the same neutral. Whether it is white, black, gray, cream or somewhere in between, having that common thread (no pun intended!) run through each outfit will make everyone look very cohesive. Once you have that as your base, add in a few complimentary colours to each persons outfit. Here are some beautiful and classic options:

  • Navy, Gray, White & Yellow
  • Cream, Maroon, Navy & Gray
  • Black, White, Denim & Green
  • Cream, White, Pink & Navy

Be sure to lay all of your outfits out together before the session so you know the colours will match and compliment each other.

Brittany VanRuymbeke Photos + Films, Sarnia Family Photographer

Mix patterns and textures

Fabric patterns and textures can add a lot of depth to your images. By including different patterns and textures within the same colour palette you can create a lot of interest and make your images more cohesive. Think of layering plaid, stripes, chunky knits, demin, scarves and vests with your solid base.

Brittany VanRuymbeke Photos + Films, Sarnia Family Photographer

Think of where you will display your images

If you are planning on displaying your families images in your home (which you SHOULD!), think of the colour palette in your home and how your images will look on your walls. Perhaps you will want to choose colours that compliment your decor or a specific space, or avoid colours that you know will clash.

Sarnia Family Photographer, Brittany VanRuymbeke Photos + Films, Sarnia Family Photographer

Consider the scenery

Is fall your favourite time of year to get your families pictures taken? Remember the leaves will be bright and vibrant shades of yellow and orange and plan accordingly. You don’t want to blend into your background, and you also don’t want to clash. Another perfect reason to start with a good neutral base!

Brittany VanRuymbeke Photos + Films, Sarnia Family Photographer

Be comfortable.

Especially when there are children involved, always remember comfort. Of course there are instances where heirloom items or outfits might be involved that aren’t exactly the most comfortable, but those can be used quickly to avoid any toddler trouble. And Moms, if you’re pregnant or you’ve just had a baby, don’t worry about squeezing yourself into those pre-pregnancy jeans. Find an outfit that is flattering and comfortable that won’t distract you from your beautiful family and the fun we are having!

Brittany VanRuymbeke Photos + Films, Sarnia Family Photographer

Be you.

Lastly, and most importantly, be sure to choose something that best represents you and your family’s personality. After all, these images are for your family alone. Find what works for you and rock it!

Brittany VanRuymbeke Photos + Films, Sarnia Family Photographer

If you have any more questions about choosing the right outfits for your family session, make sure to email me at brittanyelizabethphoto@gmail.com or contact me here! I am more than happy to help you work it out before your session.



Brittany is a Sarnia Family Photographer who finds joy in capturing each individual family as they interact naturally. To see more of her work with families, click here.

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