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Week two of my Project 52 with Ali was, again, somewhat of a struggle for me. As you can imagine, our mornings aren’t very calm or smooth around here right now. I am not a morning person what-so-ever, so finding inspiration so soon after I wake up is not an easy task. I had an image in my head of me laying snuggled with Gryff while Archer climbs in from the foot of the bed like he does most mornings. Unfortunately, I am usually delirious at this point in the morning and don’t often notice him in bed with me until he has already started talkingĀ (read: yelling) about breakfast/having to pee/dinosaurs, etc. This is usually followed with some frustration on my part as I try to bargain with him to quiet down and exit the room smoothly before Gryffin wakes up. Not usually my finest moment of the day.

Occasionally my brain is alert enough for my tactics to be successful, and Gryffin is able to continue his slumber while I get up with Archer. Doesn’t he look so peaceful in that morning light? And check out that ginger hair!

Southern Ontario Lifestyle Photographer

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