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Oh heeeeyyyyyy!

Thank you so much to everyone who popped over here the other day and commented on the launch of my new website! It was definitely a labour of love – lots of late nights and a smidge of wine were involved. I am honestly so grateful to be able to do this work, even as a side hustle. Spending time with you and your family is both incredibly grounding and inspirational.

What better way to celebrate a website launch than with a fresh post on the bloggity blog? I am *this close* to admitting I am over summer and ready for fall, buuuut I don’t want to be the first one. So, on that note we will jump in the ole’ time machine back to June 1st and have a look at the beginning of summer.

Trips to the park, the petting zoo, the beach, our first camping trip and bless my heart: Archer’s first fish. A teensy little perch, the perfect first catch.


Can we talk about camping with young children for a minute? Because I was under the impression that a weekend away from home with no internet, no computer, no television and no real requirement to shower would mean lots of outdoor adventures, dirty kids and family memories. Now all of those things held true but they came with a side of a few near-death experiences and constant danger. Exaggerating? Maybe. But I have to share a hilarious story which may or may not make you judge me as a parent and question my abilities to keep humans alive. While setting up our camp for the weekend we had the boys in the play yard with some toys to keep them entertained and contained for a few minutes. After about 3 minutes they were over it, and the whining/yelling/crying commenced. When we were just about set up I let them free thinking there were only a few loose ends to tie up, only to realize we forgot to secure the awning on the trailer. So I am carefully climbing a chair to help Eric with the awning, all while keeping an eye on the children (read: Gryffin), when I look up for 10 seconds (literally this time!), look back and G is gone.

Me: “Where’s Gryff?”

Eric “He was just right here”

Me: “Archer, where is Gryffin”

Archer “He’s right there!” pointing to the fire pit

Gryffin was just chilling IN THE FIRE PIT. Playing with the ashes like it’s a freaking sand box. THANK GOODNESS there wasn’t someone on our site the night before so there were no coals, but OHMYGAWD that kid. Moral of the story: Never trust Gryffin if he is out of the cage. Did I say cage? I meant play yard.

Oh ya, and I was there too*.

*Cooking dinner with my boys is what appears to be happening here, but in reality it was Archer struggling with a butter knife to cut some asparagus for dinner while I tried to simultaneously man the camera and prevent a stabbing (because Gryffin) – all while Iron Man kept a watchful eye on the universe. Thanks Iron Man.

Geez, sounds a bit like crazy town over here doesn’t it? That’s because it is. And I love every little minute of it. Hope you’re having a great week and enjoying all of your own crazy!

xo, B.

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