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Jen & Phil’s beautiful rustic farm wedding was by far one of the best experiences of my photography career, and if I’m being honest it was a turning point for my confidence as an artist. I left that night knowing (not hoping) I had captured so much genuine beauty and emotion. I will forever be grateful for them trusting me with they wedding day. When they asked me to do a Fresh 48 newborn photography session for their new baby I was so excited! Building relationships with my clients is the best part of this job, and being able to witness some of the best days of their lives is priceless!

On Gryffin’s first birthday we were winding down and cleaning up after the party guests when Jen texted me saying their baby boy had been born that afternoon, and that they had yet to give him a name. We happily made plans for me to come to the hospital in the morning for the fresh 48 session before they were discharged. I joked that night with Eric that maybe they would name him Gryffin since they shared a birthday.

I arrived the next morning, we started the session and Phil & Jen were still discussing a few names when I mentioned that he shared a birthday with our Gryff, and hilariously, Jen said that Griffin was her #1 choice and she was just trying to get Phil on board! I had to laugh. Phil wanted to know what sorts of nick names we had for Gryff to make sure it was a good fit for them. I didn’t mention it any more because I didn’t want to put any extra pressure on anyone or give too many opinions, but I was so excited later that day when Jen texted me saying they had settled on Griffin for him. I’m pretty sure it was the nickname “Baby G” that pushed Phil over the edge! Ha ha!

Thank you Jen & Phil for trusting  me with 2 of your most memorable days. You two share so much love, and your Griffin is one lucky guy.

  1. Sarah Landa says:

    Gorgeous session!

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