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Week 30 | Project 52 | Chatham Family Photography

In retrospect, transitioning Archer to his big boy bed and potty training at the same time may have contributed to the struggle. Hindsight is 20/20 they say. But here we are a few short weeks later and the all-night head-banging has been dramatically reduced and the bleaching of poopy underwear is on the decline as well. Progress, my friends.

Chatham Family PhotographyChatham-Family-Photography-2Chatham Family Photography

On the other hand, Gryffin has decided that sleep really isn’t is thing after all. He gave it his all for the first 3.5 months, but that got boring apparently. So I will savour these Sleepy Gryffin pictures and remember the good times.┬áMaybe if I pray over them I will get to sleep again soon…

Chatham Family PhotographyChatham Family PhotographyChatham Family Photography

Some other weekly highlights include:


Chatham Family Photography

Goofy smiles.

Chatham Family PhotographyPuppy love.
Chatham Family Photography

And big brother stuff. I’m going to try to not laugh at Gryffin’s face, clearly asking me to save him. But when there is a photo opportunity Gryffin, never. #sorrynotsorry

Chatham Family PhotographyChatham Family PhotographyChatham Family Photography

Here’s hoping your week is also full of some hilarity.


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